Andrew Geller, MD

I am writing this letter in support of Dick and Barbara DiBona of Doctors’ Management Service who were the preferred billing service from 1987 through 1999 while I was the Director of Emergency Services at Southwood and Norwood Hospitals. During this time Doctors’ Management were billing up to 40,000 patients per year. When I relinquished the Director position in 1999, the DiBona’s continued to be voted in annually as the ER group’s billing service. The DiBona’s have proved to be meticulous in their bookkeeping, knowledgeable of billing practices, and responsive to a diverse group of physicians’ information requests. The DiBona’s have often provided data that resulted in better physician documentation, leading to improved physician practice and increased revenue. The DiBona’s ongoing efforts to educate the physicians regarding the federal government’s requirements for patient histories and physical exams have had significant impact on group practice. Doctors’ Management has integrated their billing practice and the physician’s clinical practice seamlessly. Dick and Barbara are hard working, their integrity is unquestioned, and I highly recommend their services.

John F. Penrose MD

DMS is owned and operated by the DiBona family and is a relatively small business in comparison to other local companies which our group has known. Although many could consider this a disadvantage, I would strongly disagree. During this time, I have become personally acquainted with the DiBona’s and find that I have the ability to personally discuss my account with an individual who is intimately knowledgeable about the details of my account. I have compared results of my returns and general level of satisfaction with other ED directors in the area. I have found that these returns (in comparable payer mix areas) and the high level of prompt, personal service are clearly superior in every regard. Indeed, I have been contacted on a number of occasions by DMS with suggestions about my documentation to maximize revenues, to which I am entitled. This level of attention is foreign to those individuals in groups using large companies. In summary, as an emergency department physician and director, my role is to provide the best health care possible. My expectation for the reimbursement of these services is also extremely high. DMS delivers on this expectation and I recommend them to you enthusiastically. I would be happy to discuss any questions that you may have about DMS.

Michael Nerney DO

I have heard from friends for years that DMS was an honest and aggressive medical billing company. When problems with my former billing company came to a head, I decided to use DMS. They have been terrific. I can always get in touch with someone to take care of a problem with personalized service. They pick up from my office and direct deposit into my accounts. Billing has been seamless, and my paid claims have gone up appreciably.

Richmond Appiah Jr, MSI, CEO

Doctors’ Management Services is an extremely qualified, and customer centric medical billing service company that has proved its value time and time again through management of the revenue cycle management process for medical offices. It certainly is not possible without great leadership. With personal interactions, Tim DiBona as Business Director and Partner of Doctors Management Services, Inc. I with out hesitation would recommend Doctors Management Services Inc to my clients and any other interested party as a valuable service.