MIPS Solutions

MIPS is the most impactful change affecting your practice this year. The potential of losing revenue through penalized fee schedules over the next 6 years should be your chief financial concern. An evaluation of your practice is imperative. There are very few MIPS experts, but the tracking process began on January 1st 2017 and nearly all clinicians are already being assessed.


It is crucial that the necessary strategies are implemented prior to data submission as your MIPS score will follow you for the rest of your medical career, much like a credit score. This score will be accessible to potential patients, meaning if a patient sees a Low-Quality Performance score, they are less likely to choose you as their provider.


We have the capability to ensure the appropriate strategy is implemented for your practice or healthcare organization, leading to a compliant and prosperous path to your success.


Discovery Phase

Our first meeting will evaluate your practice in terms of attaining the required benchmarks. We will travel to you or host your team at our corporate headquarters. This is a thorough information gathering session. We will learn your past experience with quality measures, educate your team on what to expect from MIPS and discuss your anticipated goals for the future. Our trained experts will work to fill in any missing pieces of information that you were not able to provide during the discovery phase.


Analysis Phase

We will then organize and analyze the data internally to identify your deficient areas that must be addressed to reach your anticipated goals. We will review your quality performance, advancing care information, clinical practice improvement and resource use to measure what your potential score would be without the necessary adjustments. We then evaluate your past experience, your payor mix, a financial impact forecast over 4 years, and realistic resource options.


Strategy Phase

In our final meeting, we will provide our implementation advice to achieve your goal. We will advise necessary improvements in appropriate areas, ensuring you positive MIPS score potentially leading to higher fee schedules and reimbursements to your practice. Our recommendations not only serve you for this submission year, but going forward you will know what to record and what other activities to participate in to achieve a high score in the upcoming years. Your positive MIPS score will speak to your patients, hospital affiliates and potential employers, showcasing the advanced quality of service you provide to your patients.