Joanna Capparella, MD

I have been a client at Doctors’ Management Service, Inc. since 2008. Recently, I decide to establish my own LLC. Tim DiBona and his staff were invaluable to me during this process. They provided me with guidance, information, contacts, and resources.

As a physician, I feel that all my professional needs are understood and Doctors’ Management Service, Inc. is committed to my business success. Each staff member is professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Medical billing is just a facet of the exemplary services provided by Tim DiBona and his staff.

Sandra Garcon

I’ve been working with Doctors’ Management Service Inc. for less than a year and I’m so grateful that I found them.  My previous biller cost me over $10,000 in billing errors and late billing.  That kind of loss is difficult for a small business.  I find Doctors’ Management Service to be professional, friendly, and on top of their game.  They resolve issues quickly and they are always available to answer my questions and make me feel valuable.  If they are not your billing company, you are doing your business a disservice.

Asma Tahir, MD

We at AT Care, PLLC are very pleased with the billing services provided by DMS, Inc.  Previously we have used several other billing services but DMS’ service is much superior and efficient thus, producing a quick reimbursement time and maximizing the payments through its own collection efforts. DMS is not just a billing company but takes holistic approach and provide a lot of other services like credentialing, 3rd party collection, training of our employess, etc.

Nicole Orr, MD

When I ventured into solo private practice last year I was nervous about finding the right billing company for my needs. After interviewing multiple companies , I chose Doctor’s Management because of their personalized and thorough approach to billing and practice management. With every encounter, they have exceeded even my highest expectations, in their timelines in correspondence, customer service, knowledge of healthcare regulations and billing, and expedience with credentialing. Furthermore, Tim’s emphasis on excellence is even apparent in his affiliates and referrals – each professional reference he offers to help with my practice, from a bookkeeper to an IT specialist, is hand-picked for their similar philosophy of respect, diligence, fair pricing, and excellent service. I couldn’t be happier with Doctors’ Management Service.

Muzzamal Habib, MD

In 2013 I started my practice, Boston Vein Care. I have worked with DMS in the past and wanted to bring them in to help me out with credentialing for my practice. Credentialing was somewhat different due to imaging component and vascular lab in addition to simple practice component. Jennifer was my go to contact in DMS and found her very professional and diligent and not only took care of my paperwork, but also went the extra mile to help me out for the future months and now years dealing with the insurance companies to ensure my equipment was certified accordingly. I strongly recommend using Doctors’ Management Service for their credentialing service.

Jay Portnow M.D., Ph.D.

I have been using Doctors’ Management Service, Inc. (DMS) as my billing company for almost two years. I have practiced medicine for more than thirty years and have had the opportunity to use many billing companies. DMS stands out as the best, far and away. And this is for a number of reasons. Firstly, the people at the company are uniformly pleasant and helpful. Also, employees have specific responsibilities so you can always talk to the right person without going through an elaborate questioning process. Furthermore, the company is truly a full service company – recently DMS helped with filling out an insurance provider application. Two months ago I was helped with a DME application. DMS is so much more than a billing company. And, of course, they do a great job billing and following up with outstanding bills. I recommend them highly and without reservation.

Al Chicoine

We have been working with Doctors’ Management team for over a year now. We are very pleased with their professionalism and quick response to our questions/concerns. They always get back to us with an answer, usually the same day. Our decision to move from a larger company to one with hands on management has been extremely beneficial.

Heidi Blouin

It is a pleasure working with Doctor’s Management Services (DMS). They are one of the best and most organized companies that I have ever had the opportunity to experience. A fantastic and supportive group of individuals who really care about what you do and the role they perform in your business. Clear, concise and informative billing services that help you understand how to take the work that you are performing and bringing it to the next level so you are being reimbursed accurately. They are always willing to go the extra mile and I highly recommend them.

Dr. A. Ghosh Roy

When I closed my solo surgical office practice and semi-retired, I realized that I would still need a billing service, as previously my secretary had done the billing. I decided to sign-up with DMS because they came highly recommended. Tim Di Bona and his staff have not disappointed. They are professional, competent, and polite and they answer all phone calls and e-mails promptly. Although I am a small account, I feel that I receive their full attention when needed. Particularly, the staff is persistent and successful when tracking down out-standing insurance payments. DMS would be the perfect fit for any practice, large or small, that requires a dependable, professional, up to date billing and management service.

Artika Wadhwa

It gives me great pleasure to write this recommendation for Tim. I have known Tim for a very long time and have been fortunate enough to work with him over the last few years on a professional level as a business partner within the Salus Resource Group.

The idea behind the Salus Resource Group is to bring a group of varied professionals together that provide comprehensive solutions for the medical and dental community. From the inception of the idea, Tim quickly emerged as the leader among our group. Tim has the ability to transition from a technical role to a management role where appropriate. The skill to “bridge the gap” between the technical and the functional make him an excellent business facilitator. In addition, Tim always displayed excellent communication and leadership skills, which resulted in a highly functional team who accomplished a tremendous amount of quality work in very short timelines.

Overall, Tim has been a tremendous contributor to the success of the Salus Resource Group and always works with the highest level of honesty and integrity. He is also a great listener and a caring and compassionate individual that is always concerned with the needs of others.

The quality of his work coupled with his outstanding character consistently exceeds expectations. I give Tim my highest recommendation for any endeavor he may pursue, without reservation.

Joe Capone, ChFC®, LUTCF

Tim has provided the highest level of service that our doctor clients could ask for! DMS’ medical billing services are best in class. The team at Doctors’ Management Service is friendly, professional, and dedicated to helping physicians and dentists to maximize reimbursements. If you are a physician or dentist, managing your own billing, I would recommend that you have a talk with Tim. Keep up the great work Tim and DMS!!

Charles Fatseas MD

Timothy follows in his parents footsteps of being an excellent service and depth of knowledge oriented person with which to work. His company, Doctors management Service has been the finest physician billing-service company with which I have ever worked

Nelson Correia

Due to Tim’s diligence in overseeing the company’s activities, I consider DMS as the ideal client. Tim is a professional with refreshing candor which makes him an excellent representative of DMS. Most importantly, he maintains respect for his business partners in his honesty, trust, and considerations. It has been my pleasure to work with Tim and I look forward to assisting DMS in the company’s future endeavors.

Brian Hinnebusch

I have found DMS to provide the most prompt and professional service of any billing company in the area. The staff are pro-active, courteous and always helpful in answering my questions. They go above and beyond by customizing and tailoring my reports to my practice while at the same time working tirelessly to ensure maximum reimbursement in a legal and ethical manner. Their dedication, experience and success allow me to focus on my practice by relieving me of the day to day burdens of the business side. I can do this because I have the confidence that DMS is working hard for me and in my best interest. I can have as much or as little involvement as I want – it’s like having an in house business manager and billing department all for a relatively low flat rate. I have and will continue to recommend DMS to my colleagues for all of their medical billing and business support needs.

Haresh M. Patel, M.D.

I have had the personal experience of working with Doctors’ Management Service for over ten years as my billing service. I am very pleased to let you know, as I have said many times in the past, that you have highly trained and professional people working courteously and efficiently.

It is amazing to see that a relatively small company like yours is very proficient and well organized compared to that of larger billing corporations. Your business should grow to a state wide or even a nation wide emergency billing service.

I was impressed with your input knowledge and great stride to work with a great interest in resolving problems and issues. In the past I have sent a handwritten letter and memo from Dr. Geller from the Emergency Department at Norwood Hospital with almost no billing complaints out of approximately 50,000 plus billing charts by your company.

I wish you all the best and hope that your company grows. Congratulations on doing excellent work.

Apurv Gupta, MD, MPH

I have been extremely satisfied with the work and service provided by Doctors’ Management Service.

For more than five years, they have been taking care of the billing for our Hospitalist group at Caritas Norwood Hospital. They are very prompt, responsive, and proactive. They are able to accomodate all of our requests for reports, information, and staff training. Most importantly, DMS has worked alongside us to keep improving our billing systems and performance. Without DMS as a partner in our endeavor, I think our overall results would not be as stellar.

David Lezberg, M.D.

I was associated with Doctors’ Management Service for 11 years from 1994 to 2005, when our Emergency Medicine group became employees. My experiences with the entire staff were exemplary. Their organization provided constant useful feedback and guidance regarding each physician’s documentation skills and weaknesses. This allowed us to maximize our collections and constantly improve. We were apprised promptly of changes we needed to make when Medicare or other insurers abruptly changed the rules. Individual “one on one” attention was easy to obtain and all staff members were attentive, patient, and clear in their instruction and guidance. The doors were always open. I don’t believe it is possible to get a better billing service for an Emergency Medical Group. I recommend them highly.

Mohammed Jaleel, M.D.

New England Inpatient Specialists began its relationship with Doctors’ Management Service in February of 2006 with the opening of our first Hospitalist Program. We had interviewed many billing companies and decided on DMS based on their experience and reputation. Over the past two and a half years we have been very satisfied with all the services that they have provided us. Inquiries are always answered in a timely and efficient manner.
> Together with DMS staff, we have implemented a system to ensure the capture of all billable charges.
> DMS has worked with us in customizing Quarterly reports designed to meet our specific needs. These reports are useful resources for analyzing our productivity and planning for future growth.
> DMS Coding Specialists hold quarterly Coding and Documentation reviews tailored specifically for each physician on our staff. These sessions have been very productive and informative especially when new physicians join the group.
> DMS is proactive in their negotiations with insurance companies and does all initial credentialing for our physicians.
We are pleased to recommend Doctors’ Management Service without reservation.

Jennifer Freeman MD

I am a cardiothoracic surgeon and spend most of my time running a medical device company. I do still assist colleagues on thoracic cases that might be more challenging or where they have difficulty finding other help. Despite my low volume, low revenue status, the people at DMS have been committed to my account and providing me with ‘payment where payment is due’. They have been consistently both pleasant and focused on maximizing revenue, a rarity in modern times. They have more than earned their ‘fee’ through their tenacity and attention to detail. I recommend them highly, no matter what your current level of activity may be.

John M. Nigro MD

I am a fulltime emergency room physician at Norwood Hospital. I have been on staff there since 1967. For the past 17 years, the billing from my practice has been handled by Doctors’ Management Service. I cannot say enough praise for Doctors’ Management Service in managing my account. I have never found a more professional, dedicated, efficient, and reliable service. They have always remained current not only in billing trends, but also in the mechanisms in billing whether electronic, computer driven, or otherwise! In addition, they have always been willing to provide a variety of statistical analyses of the practice and assistance in handling monthly financial matters as I might desire. Finally, the returns over the years have always been outstanding and continue to be so, even when one considers the most hostile environment physicians have been subjected by third party payers! If it would be of assistance to you in your endeavors regarding Doctors’ Management Service, I would be most happy to communicate with you at any time.

Peter Dimatteo, MD, FACEP

It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Doctors’ Management billing services. I have had experience with Doctors’ Management Service Inc over the past 16 years and have found the company to be honest, efficient and highly effective. The service provided by Doctors’ Management is responsive and personal. I have always observed that they exercise appropriate sensitivity to both the physicians’ interests and any patient concerns. Prior to my practice at Norwood, I had the opportunity to oversee the billing for a very large and successful emergency practice. While doing so, I have had the chance to interview and review many of the billing options available both in and out of state. I believe too often choices are based on the size of the company or the magnitude of their fee rather than dollars collected per patient. My experience is that Doctors’ Management is unsurpassed in delivering on dollars per patient. I highly recommend Doctors’ Management Service for emergency medicine billing and I feel strongly that an alternate choice would be a costly commitment to mediocrity.

Dwayne Greene

I have worked with Barbara and Richard DiBona and their company, Doctors’ Management Service, Inc., since becoming a self-employed Emergency Physician in 1995. I had recently finished my residency and had been a salaried employee until that time. I, like many of my colleagues, knew nothing about the complexities of medical billing. Thanks to the DiBona’s I now have an infinitely better understanding of the business of medical billing. The DiBona’s are very thorough and knowledgeable about all aspects of billing. They stay abreast of the latest billing trends and insurance changes that might affect my income. They use state of the art computers and software to process my claims quickly and efficiently. Because of their investment in the latest technology, my turn around time on reimbursement is excellent. When visiting the office, the staff is always professional and pleasant. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the years of service I have received from Doctors’ Management Service Inc. and I highly recommend Barbara and Richard DiBona for all of your billing needs.

Kenneth A. Leinbach

I have used Doctors’ Management Service, Inc. as my billing agent for over ten years and couldn’t be more pleased. They have been diligent with billing and collections, and have helped me and my colleagues with insurance issues, and their recent software upgrade significantly increased my income. They are a top tier service which is well worth their fee. I heartily recommend them, and would hope to continue using them for the foreseeable future.

Deborah Morris-Harris MD

I am writing to express my satisfaction with Doctors’ Management Service. I have been impressed with their coding and complete reporting of medical encounters over the last 3 years. I believe they make every attempt to capture and code for services provided. Dick and Barbara are to be commended for staying abreast of billing issues in a fast changing environment. I am sure anyone who uses the service will make similar observations.

Andrew Geller, MD

I am writing this letter in support of Dick and Barbara DiBona of Doctors’ Management Service who were the preferred billing service from 1987 through 1999 while I was the Director of Emergency Services at Southwood and Norwood Hospitals. During this time Doctors’ Management were billing up to 40,000 patients per year. When I relinquished the Director position in 1999, the DiBona’s continued to be voted in annually as the ER group’s billing service. The DiBona’s have proved to be meticulous in their bookkeeping, knowledgeable of billing practices, and responsive to a diverse group of physicians’ information requests. The DiBona’s have often provided data that resulted in better physician documentation, leading to improved physician practice and increased revenue. The DiBona’s ongoing efforts to educate the physicians regarding the federal government’s requirements for patient histories and physical exams have had significant impact on group practice. Doctors’ Management has integrated their billing practice and the physician’s clinical practice seamlessly. Dick and Barbara are hard working, their integrity is unquestioned, and I highly recommend their services.

John F. Penrose MD

DMS is owned and operated by the DiBona family and is a relatively small business in comparison to other local companies which our group has known. Although many could consider this a disadvantage, I would strongly disagree. During this time, I have become personally acquainted with the DiBona’s and find that I have the ability to personally discuss my account with an individual who is intimately knowledgeable about the details of my account. I have compared results of my returns and general level of satisfaction with other ED directors in the area. I have found that these returns (in comparable payer mix areas) and the high level of prompt, personal service are clearly superior in every regard. Indeed, I have been contacted on a number of occasions by DMS with suggestions about my documentation to maximize revenues, to which I am entitled. This level of attention is foreign to those individuals in groups using large companies. In summary, as an emergency department physician and director, my role is to provide the best health care possible. My expectation for the reimbursement of these services is also extremely high. DMS delivers on this expectation and I recommend them to you enthusiastically. I would be happy to discuss any questions that you may have about DMS.

Michael Nerney DO

I have heard from friends for years that DMS was an honest and aggressive medical billing company. When problems with my former billing company came to a head, I decided to use DMS. They have been terrific. I can always get in touch with someone to take care of a problem with personalized service. They pick up from my office and direct deposit into my accounts. Billing has been seamless, and my paid claims have gone up appreciably.

Richmond Appiah Jr, MSI, CEO

Doctors’ Management Services is an extremely qualified, and customer centric medical billing service company that has proved its value time and time again through management of the revenue cycle management process for medical offices. It certainly is not possible without great leadership. With personal interactions, Tim DiBona as Business Director and Partner of Doctors Management Services, Inc. I with out hesitation would recommend Doctors Management Services Inc to my clients and any other interested party as a valuable service.