Documentation Training

There is no better way to improve your clinician’s documentation than to have our experts sit face to face with your providers and discuss the results of our review. In this candid discussion, we will furnish proof of our findings and the regulations that govern our findings. Since we have performed this service for 15 years, we are also able to discuss practical resolutions for changing your provider’s routines. We also offer a group meeting format to discuss troubles that sweep the entire practice. This allows valuable cross-talk between providers to share their own experiences and learn from each other.
Documentation Handbook – Our team will create a handbook tailored to the services your practice employs. It covers the requirements for documentation and reminds you of services you may not otherwise consider for billing. It also will include clinical examples that are appropriate for your specialty. We will remove the legalese and provide understandable language to allow for a practical reference. This may be provided as a PDF or as a hard copy. Most of our clients keep this handbook in a physical form, in an administrative space, physician lounge, or the location where medical notes are typed or dictated.