Tim DiBona

Chief Executive Officer

Tim DiBona is a medical billing veteran with more than 25 years of experience handling a range of specialties in the hospital and private practice. As the Chief Executive Officer of Doctors Management Service, Timothy applies his experience in the healthcare field to help clients create long term strategies to perfect their business operation by maximizing reimbursement and cutting expenses.

Prior to becoming CEO, Timothy spent a decade running the daily operations while managing all clients for the company. Before that, he worked in all entry level positions in the company (encounter claim submission, medical coding, payment processing, phone calls, and denial appeals).

Over the years Tim created a business model to out-step competitors in the industry. In 2003 he began Documentation Training services at the site of clients. In 2006 he created an internal Bad Debt recovery system that still breaks with the industry norm yet yields spectacular results. In 2009 Tim began publishing an annual educational billing handbook, customized to each client’s specialty and unique needs and requests. In 2013 he started writing bi-monthly articles for MD News to reveal some of the secrets he has only shared with clients. In 2014 Tim partnered with a company to launch their first direct EMR for clients. In 2015 he offered his second EMR product and created an bridge from nearly all EMRs on the market to connect with the DMS PM system to allow immediate and secure receipt of medical encounters. In 2016 he enacted a Charge Capture system for facility based clients to submit billing from an app on their mobile phone.

Now in 2017 he provides MIPS strategy consulting services accompanied by a new EMR product that tracks all MIPS requirements. A credentialing initiative is nearly complete to allow clients 24 hour access to the status of their providers with each payor. He is considering a new service to handle ACI (the new version of Meaningful Use). Finally, production has begun for a DMS app with an expected release date in the winter of 2017.

“When you surround yourself with hard-working, dedicated and loyal partners, it makes a job like mine much easier. We are colleagues, friends and equals always. Our bonds fuse our drive.”