Peter Dimatteo, MD, FACEP

It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Doctors’ Management billing services. I have had experience with Doctors’ Management Service Inc over the past 16 years and have found the company to be honest, efficient and highly effective. The service provided by Doctors’ Management is responsive and personal. I have always observed that they exercise appropriate sensitivity to both the physicians’ interests and any patient concerns. Prior to my practice at Norwood, I had the opportunity to oversee the billing for a very large and successful emergency practice. While doing so, I have had the chance to interview and review many of the billing options available both in and out of state. I believe too often choices are based on the size of the company or the magnitude of their fee rather than dollars collected per patient. My experience is that Doctors’ Management is unsurpassed in delivering on dollars per patient. I highly recommend Doctors’ Management Service for emergency medicine billing and I feel strongly that an alternate choice would be a costly commitment to mediocrity.

Peter Dimatteo
Emergency Medicine Norwood Hospital

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