John M. Nigro MD

I am a fulltime emergency room physician at Norwood Hospital. I have been on staff there since 1967. For the past 17 years, the billing from my practice has been handled by Doctors’ Management Service. I cannot say enough praise for Doctors’ Management Service in managing my account. I have never found a more professional, dedicated, efficient, and reliable service. They have always remained current not only in billing trends, but also in the mechanisms in billing whether electronic, computer driven, or otherwise! In addition, they have always been willing to provide a variety of statistical analyses of the practice and assistance in handling monthly financial matters as I might desire. Finally, the returns over the years have always been outstanding and continue to be so, even when one considers the most hostile environment physicians have been subjected by third party payers! If it would be of assistance to you in your endeavors regarding Doctors’ Management Service, I would be most happy to communicate with you at any time.

John M. Nigro
Emergency Medicine

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