John F. Penrose MD

DMS is owned and operated by the DiBona family and is a relatively small business in comparison to other local companies which our group has known. Although many could consider this a disadvantage, I would strongly disagree. During this time, I have become personally acquainted with the DiBona’s and find that I have the ability to personally discuss my account with an individual who is intimately knowledgeable about the details of my account. I have compared results of my returns and general level of satisfaction with other ED directors in the area. I have found that these returns (in comparable payer mix areas) and the high level of prompt, personal service are clearly superior in every regard. Indeed, I have been contacted on a number of occasions by DMS with suggestions about my documentation to maximize revenues, to which I am entitled. This level of attention is foreign to those individuals in groups using large companies. In summary, as an emergency department physician and director, my role is to provide the best health care possible. My expectation for the reimbursement of these services is also extremely high. DMS delivers on this expectation and I recommend them to you enthusiastically. I would be happy to discuss any questions that you may have about DMS.

John F. Penrose MD
Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine Sampson Regional Medical Center

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