Andrew Geller, MD

I am writing this letter in support of Dick and Barbara DiBona of Doctors’ Management Service who were the preferred billing service from 1987 through 1999 while I was the Director of Emergency Services at Southwood and Norwood Hospitals. During this time Doctors’ Management were billing up to 40,000 patients per year. When I relinquished the Director position in 1999, the DiBona’s continued to be voted in annually as the ER group’s billing service. The DiBona’s have proved to be meticulous in their bookkeeping, knowledgeable of billing practices, and responsive to a diverse group of physicians’ information requests. The DiBona’s have often provided data that resulted in better physician documentation, leading to improved physician practice and increased revenue. The DiBona’s ongoing efforts to educate the physicians regarding the federal government’s requirements for patient histories and physical exams have had significant impact on group practice. Doctors’ Management has integrated their billing practice and the physician’s clinical practice seamlessly. Dick and Barbara are hard working, their integrity is unquestioned, and I highly recommend their services.

Andrew Geller, MD
Emergency Medicine

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